Chris­t­mas co­mes a­li­ve with Car­pe Mu­si­cam!

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Mem­bers of the lo­cal or­ches­tra and choir, Car­pe Mu­si­cam! (CM!), en­ter­tai­ned an u­nex­pected­ly big cro­wd to Chris­t­mas mu­sic on Sa­tur­day e­ve­ning.

A to­tal of 500 pe­op­le, young and old, sat in awe as CM! broug­ht them the joyous sounds of Chris­t­mas at the Ou­te­ni­qua Trans­port Mu­seum. Tra­di­ti­o­nal Chris­t­mas ca­rols such as A­way in a Man­ger, O Co­me All Ye Fait­hful and Hark, The He­rald An­gels Sing we­re he­ard, as well as en­ter­tai­ning va­ri­a­ti­ons on Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells.

Le­roy An­der­son's Chris­t­mas Fe­s­ti­val O­ver­tu­re was play­ed in its en­ti­re­ty and pro­vi­ded a firm foun­da­ti­on on which to build the s­how. The Bra­zi­li­an ca­rol, Re­pou­sa Tran­quil­lo, o Mie­go Je­su, and South A­fri­can fa­vou­ri­te, So­mer­kers­fees, ad­ded a tou­ch of the Sout­hern He­mis­p­he­re to pre­do­mi­nant­ly Nort­hern He­mis­p­he­re mu­sic.

The e­ve­ning was ma­de ex­tra s­pe­ci­al for young re­cor­der so­loist Et­hel P­hi­ri who was joi­ned by the choir's youn­ge­st mem­ber, Ma­ri Ro­bert­son, for a du­et ren­di­ti­on of the first ver­ses of A­way in a Man­ger. The two we­re ac­com­pa­nied by ju­ni­or vi­o­li­nis­ts An­ni­ka S­chrö­ter and Sas­kia Campher.

P­hi­ri, who is from T­hem­ba­let­hu, was part of CM!'s re­cor­der trai­ning pro­gram­me this ye­ar and re­cei­ved a brand-new vi­o­lin on Sa­tur­day nig­ht to con­ti­nue her mu­sic e­du­ca­ti­on with CM!-spon­so­red les­sons.

This will e­na­ble her to join the or­ches­tra by Ju­ly next ye­ar.

CM! en­coura­ges youn­ger mem­bers to join their ranks in order to build an on­going lo­ve of or­ches­tral and cho­ral mu­sic in the Sout­hern Ca­pe.

Car­pe Mu­si­cam! left the au­dien­ce in awe.

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Young Ma­ri Ro­bert­son (12) and Et­hel P­hi­ri du­ring their ren­di­ti­on of A­way in a Man­ger.

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