Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb vehi­cle g­oes do­wn­hill

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It would seem the­re are so­me a­vid Hill C­limb ent­hu­si­as­ts out the­re. Alt­hough the e­vent is on­ly ta­king pla­ce much la­ter in the y­e­ar, this fu­tu­re par­ti­ci­pant see­mingly star­ted practi­sing on New Y­e­ar's Day. May­be it was a New Y­e­ar's re­so­lu­ti­on, or just a da­re go­ne wrong?

But, all jo­kes a­si­de. The dri­ver of the vehi­cle me­re­ly fai­led to pull up the hand bre­ak all the way and the vehi­cle rol­led on­to the be­ach. T­hank­ful­ly no be­ach-goers got in the way of the ru­na­way vehi­cle.

W­hat Fa­ce­book re­a­ders said:

P­hu­mo­lang Le­ho­lo: Hy het re­ver­se van 2018 na 2019 toe.

Mi­cha­el Du P­les­sis: Het nie die car gu­ard ge­tip nie .... toe se hy “kom maar, kom maar”.

Tra­cey Eras­mus: Ta­king the an­nu­al hill c­limb to a brand new le­vel. Jo­kes a­si­de. Glad no one was hurt

Es­me Pie­naar-ser­fon­tein: S­terk­te aan die per­soon wie se voer­tuig dit is. Is nie n lek­ker ma­nier om n nu­we jaar te be­gin nie.

An­dries S­teen­kamp: Die man par­keer d­arm snaaks ne? Wil se­ker nie he die men­se moet sy kar krap nie.

See a vi­deo at­or­ge­he­rald.comOn a vi­deo a­vai­la­ble on­or­ge­he­ one can cle­ar­ly see the words ‘Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb’ on the si­de of the vehi­cle.

Vic­to­ria Bay was jam-pac­ked on New Y­e­ar’s Day. Lucki­ly no­bo­dy was in­ju­red w­hen the mi­ni­bus rol­led on­to the rocks.

A tow-in ser­vi­ce was cal­led in to get the vehi­cle back on the ro­ad. P­ho­to: Fa­ce­book

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