4 fi­res: one dies

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Four hou­ses in the Ge­or­ge a­rea went up in fla­mes in the past few days. A w­heel­chair-bound wo­man (57) from Park­de­ne died in one of the fi­res and the ot­her fa­mi­lies w­ho­se ho­mes bur­ned do­wn, lost all their be­lon­gings.

A w­heel­chair-bound wo­man from Park­de­ne, Mag­da­le­na du P­les­sis (57), died on Sa­tur­day 2 No­vem­ber af­ter the room she was sleep­ing in caug­ht fi­re.

Ac­cor­ding to Con­vil­le po­li­ce sta­ti­on com­man­der, Col AB K­ri­ga, the de­ce­a­sed’s part­ner told the po­li­ce that he left the hou­se to go to the s­hop and w­hen he re­tur­ned the hou­se was on fi­re.

“Ac­cor­ding to the occu­pant of the hou­se t­he­re was a cand­le in a bott­le bur­ning w­hen he left the hou­se. On ar­ri­val he saw their hou­se bur­ning and he cal­led for help,” said K­ri­ga. The wo­man succum­bed to her wounds in hos­pi­tal. An in­quest doc­ket has been o­pe­ned and no foul play is sus­pected. The fa­mi­ly did not want to com­ment w­hen the Ge­or­ge He­rald vi­si­ted the hou­se in Park­de­ne.

In S­wift C­lo­se, Con­vil­le, a man lost all his be­lon­gings w­hen his shack, which stood in a backy­ard, bur­ned do­wn on Mon­day mor­ning. No one was in­ju­red and no one was in­si­de the struc­tu­re at the ti­me of the fi­re. The cau­se of the fi­re has not been con­fir­med. In a se­pa­ra­te in­ci­dent in New Da­wn Park, I­sa­bel­la Gert­se (44), her daug­h­ter Hay­ley (22) and her 18-month-old grand­daug­h­ter lost all their be­lon­gings af­ter their cor­ruga­ted i­ron struc­tu­re next to a hou­se in Ja­po­ni­ca Street, caug­ht a­lig­ht ear­ly on Sun­day mor­ning, 3 No­vem­ber. The cau­se of the fi­re still has to be de­ter­mi­ned. They we­re not at ho­me at the ti­me of the in­ci­dent and no one was in­ju­red. No foul play is sus­pected.

Den­ne­oord ho­me de­stroy­ed

A fa­mi­ly from Den­ne­oord lost all their be­lon­gings w­hen their hou­se was gut­ted by fi­re la­te on Mon­day mor­ning, 4 No­vem­ber.

Ac­cor­ding to the o­w­ner of the tha­t­ched roof ho­me, Heyn de Jongh, he was sit­ting on the deck out­si­de their ho­me with his wi­fe, mot­her and fat­her, w­hen their gar­de­ner ca­me run­ning from be­hind the hou­se to tell them that the roof was on fi­re.

“I ran up­stairs with a ho­se­pi­pe but w­hen I got t­he­re it was al­re­a­dy too la­te. We we­re a­ble to sa­ve our vehi­cles and that was all. Be­fo­re we knew it the hou­se was up in fla­mes. It all hap­pe­ned so quick­ly,” De Jongh told the

Ge­or­ge He­rald.

W­hi­le the fa­mi­ly was e­va­cu­a­ting their ho­me on­ly one of their two dogs, Shrek, ran out with them. “We couldn’t find S­hel­ly and she didn’t fol­low us out. The cats we­re al­so no­w­he­re to be seen,” De Jongh said.

It was on­ly la­ter, w­hen most of the fla­mes we­re quen­ched and the fi­re was un­der con­t­rol, that Gar­den Rou­te Dis­trict fi­re­fig­h­ter De­on van Wyk e­mer­ged from the thick smo­ke with S­hel­ly in his arms. “We all cried w­hen we saw S­hel­ly. We are very re­lie­ved that no one, not e­ven our dogs and cats, we­re in­ju­red du­ring the fi­re,” said De Jongh.

“I wish to thank e­ver­yo­ne in­vol­ved and e­ver­yo­ne who drop­ped off do­na­ti­ons for us. If so­meo­ne tells me that Ge­or­ge can’t stand to­get­her, I will tell them dif­fe­rent. A spe­ci­al thanks to Den­ne­oord Neig­hbour­hood

Wa­tch for e­ver­y­thing they ha­ve do­ne for us. You feel so numb w­hen so­mething li­ke this

Heyn de Jongh at their hou­se in Den­ne­oord on Tu­es­day af­ter­noon. De Jongh was reu­ni­ted with one of his dogs, S­hel­ly. hap­pens. T­he­re’s ab­so­lu­te­ly no­thing you can do except wa­tch your ho­me burn to the ground and we are tru­ly thank­ful for the sup­port we ha­ve been re­cei­ving the last cou­ple of days.” The cau­se of the fi­re has not been con­fir­med.

The room she was sleep­ing in caug­ht fi­re.

Hay­ley Gert­se (22) van New Da­wn Park

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A fi­re­fig­h­ter of the Ge­or­ge fi­re de­part­ment doing his ut­most to stop the fla­mes.

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