Not too hot to shop

George Herald - - Voorblad - P­ho­to: K­ris­ty Kol­berg

If you’re too hot, you can’t shop! Va­ri­ous shops in Ge­or­ge are on the ball trying to keep their cu­s­to­mers sa­fe from Co­vid and ha­ve re­cent­ly star­ted ta­king their pa­trons’ tem­pe­ra­tu­res be­fo­re al­lo­wing them to en­ter the pre­mi­ses. Mam­bo’s S­tora­ge and Ho­me in the E­den Me­an­der Li­fe­sty­le Cen­t­re is one of them. He­re the friend­ly shop as­sis­tants ma­ke su­re that e­very sin­gle cu­s­to­mer’s tem­pe­ra­tu­re is me­a­su­red and their hands are sa­ni­ti­sed be­fo­re they en­ter the shop. Na­thi Ja­cobs from T­hem­ba­let­hu was one of their cu­s­to­mers on Tu­es­day af­ter­noon. S­hould your tem­pe­ra­tu­re ex­ceed 38 de­grees it is ad­vi­sed that you stay at ho­me and con­tact a he­alth practi­ti­o­ner im­me­di­a­te­ly.

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