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Few know where the iconic Christmas spruce in Trafalgar Square comes from. THE TRAFALGAR TREE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO BRITAIN BY NORWAY EACH YEAR SINCE 1947 in gratitude for Britain’s support of Norway during WWII.

The word “Xmas” is not just a trendy shorthand for Christmas, and actually dates back to the 1500s. Christiani­ty was spelled “Xianity” in the 1100s, and around 1551, Christmas was commonly referred to as “Xtemmas,” which was later shortened to ‘XMAS’

Christmas trees are part of a very old tradition that goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans, who would decorate evergreens during the winter solstice to signify that spring would return.

In 1965, astronauts broadcast ‘Jingle Bells’ from space. Nine days before Christmas, Gemini 6 told Mission Control they’d seen a UFO about to enter Earth’s atmosphere, travelling from north to south. Just before they began to panic, Wally Chirra started playing a harmonica while Tom Stafford shook sleigh bells as they broadcast Jingle Bells back to Earth.

playing The tradition of sending cards for Christmas originated during WWII, when the United States Playing Card Company, owners of Bicycle playing cards, teamed up with American and British special forces to create special decks of cards for soldiers in German POW camps. These cards were distribute­d in Christmas parcels by the Red Cross, and when wet, would peel open to reveal a map of escape routes, which could be put together by arranging the cards in order.

Silent Night is the most recorded Christmas carol in history, with more than 733 VERSIONS

copyrighte­d since 1978.

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