Getaway (South Africa)

Kruger visitors: take your trash home with you!

Clean up after yourselves, folks


My wife and I recently spent two weeks in Kruger Park, with our first camp at Pretoriusk­op. We were regular visitors to a well-known hyena den on the H1-1 road. There were many pups of various ages, of which we took quite a few photos. It was only when I got home and started going through my photos that I could see one of the pups was chewing on something. It turned out to be a discarded plastic drink bottle, which someone had thrown away instead of taking it back to camp for disposal. Please folk, if youʼre fortunate enough to be able to visit one of our national parks, take your refuse back to camp or home with you. Just about all SANParks camps now have recycling facilities that should be used. Letʼs look after our environmen­t and our wildlife. Peter Cole Kyalami

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