Getaway (South Africa)

The Misfits


Dave rides with some crazy misfits, he says. There’s Lynnae, the stylish gadget girl. She always has some cool, new, colour-co-ordinated camping or cycling accessory to show off and share. She often saves the day with duct tape or a cable tie. She is always keen to stop for a beer or a waffle and she has absolutely no sense of direction. Next is Charl, the cool puncheur, which is the technical term for that dude who devours short, steep hills. He likes to sport loud, often clashing cycling gear.

He also likes to push the pace every now and then to keep everyone focused, and to get the evening festivitie­s going early. He is also forever tinkering with his bike. Las, the foodie, is constantly on the lookout for a wine farm or a deli to stop at and pick up supplies, and can whip up an amazing meal from whatever ingredient­s are available. Sarah is the steady, sensible one, who does things at her own pace and never seems flustered. Early to bed, early to rise, and at the end of a long day’s riding she is usually the only one still looking fresh. That leaves James, the doctor and bike mechanic, skills very much appreciate­d. He is good for a deep and philosophi­cal late-night campfire chat, with a hip flask in hand.

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