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Obie Oberholzer CRAZY, COLOURFUL CUBA (P 36)

Obieʼs photograph­ic career began when, at the age of 10, he took a picture that straighten­ed the leaning tower of Pisa in the frame and made the nearby church complex lean over. Only his mother found it funny. It led to studies in art at Stellenbos­ch University and the Bayerische Staatslehr-Anstaltr Fotografie in Munich. After returning to South Africa in 1974, Obie embarked on a legendary career with more than 13 photograph­ic books, about 35 solo exhibition­s in South Africa and 11 exhibition­s in Europe.

A long time contributo­r to Getaway, this month Obie leads us on a visual journey of crazy, colourful Cuba.


Photojourn­alist Mia is fascinated by South Africansʼ choice of biomes for holiday destinatio­ns. Are you a mountain man, bushveld being or do you prefer bodies of water? She lived near the Eastern Capeʼs coastline for almost a decade and currently enjoys the Slowveld, while navigating Joziʼs jungle half of the year. A recent trip to Kampersrus in Limpopo made her realise you can have your cake and eat it, too. The ocean might be 350km away but with the mighty Drakensber­g, bushveld and the Blyde River, you donʼt have to choose.

Carrie Hampton AIN’T NO MAUN HIGH ENOUGH (P 86)

ʻAre you the troublemak­er?ʼ asked a small girl as Carrie arrived at a guest house in Knysna. Trouble maker… travel writer… easily confused. Still, out of the mouth of babes! Carrie specialise­s in writing about southern and east Africa safaris. After visiting more than 250 safari lodges, and writing coffee table books, guide books and hundreds of travel articles, she got her social media name when a British friend exclaimed: ʻYou are such a safari tart!ʼ Follow her on Instagram @safari_tart and see her portfolio on carriehamp­tontravelw­

Lucy Corne A RUM PUM PUM (P 22)

Lucy is an award-winning travel, food and drinks writer based in Cape Town. She is best known for writing about beer but for this issue she swapped grain for cane and headed up to KZN to check out the provinceʼs field-to-glass rum distilleri­es. As well as discoverin­g a taste for the end product, she fell in love with the process and its many and wonderful aromas. This summer you might even find her swapping her usual pint of IPA for a cool mojito or a tasty sunset rum on the rocks.

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