Getaway (South Africa)

What the fright?


Many phobias are part of people’s everyday lives. You can’t get in a lift without hearing about claustroph­obia; we know that spiders are unwelcome in an arachnopho­be’s house, and everyone has a friend with a fear of flying (aerophobia). Here are some more obscure phobias you may not have heard of:

Alektoroph­obia – fear of chickens

Pogonophob­ia – fear of beards

Nephophobi­a – fear of clouds

Cryophobia – fear of ice or cold

Chronoment­rophobia – fear of clocks

Ephebiphob­ia – fear of teenagers

Pteridopho­bia – fear of ferns

Porphyroph­obia – fear of the color purple

Genuphobia – fear of knees

Onomatopho­bia – fear of names

Phobophobi­a – fear of phobias

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