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Albino jackal?


Iʼm writing as a researcher, conservati­onist and MSc student in response to one of the articles posted in the November issue of Getaway. First of all, I love your magazine and always buy the next copy. I was lucky to have one of my photos in your social media spread last month (a leopard). So hopefully my comment here is taken as itʼs meant, a simple observatio­n and query.

I was reading the article by Hannes Lochner about Namibia and have a comment: I donʼt believe the jackal photograph­ed was actually albino – I believe itʼs similar to the white jackals of Dinokeng, which were confirmed not albino by Wits researcher­s, but had a recessive gene similar to the white lions of the Timbavati. Anyway, love the magazine as always. Please keep putting forward epic content. Annie DuPre

Edʼs response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Annie. This could well be the case. Even though the photograph­er would not have been able to scientific­ally ascertain whether this chance sighting was of an albino jackal or not, we should have allowed for that possibilit­y and explained it in the caption.

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