Getaway (South Africa)

FINALIST A Kiss for Mom


The Serengeti is a wonderful destinatio­n to view cheetah.

One rainy morning we came across a mother and her two mature cubs. We stayed with them the whole morning, watching them catch a rabbit which they quickly devoured, but they needed something more. Soon they started to stalk some Thomson’s gazelles. They lay low in the grass for more than two hours not moving an inch, waiting for a gazelle to come within reach. But the inexperien­ce of the youngsters led to one of them moving before the right time, and the gazelle spotted them. The hunt was over. After that, they lay down to rest and the youngster came and kissed his mom as if to say sorry for messing up the hunt. A special morning spent with special animals.

By Lee-Ann Robertson, Sunland, Eastern Cape

Nikon z7; 300mm PF NIKON; ISO 1600; f/5.6; 1/6 400 sec

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