Getaway (South Africa)

Two ways to make your own blue food



If you can get your hands on butterfly pea flowers from Thailand, China or Vietnam, you can make your own Malaysian nasi kerabu. Steep the dried flowers in boiling water to release their blue colour, and then use the water to cook your rice. The nasi is typically served with chicken and salted egg, and with a herb salad, aka the kerabu, a mix of finely shredded local herbs and raw vegetables, long beans, bean sprouts and cabbage. Alternativ­ely, you can use the blue extract to create vibrant cocktails.


It’s not that hard to make a natural blue dye. Just take a red cabbage, cut it into pieces, and boil it. Once the purple broth is extracted, add baking powder and watch it turn bright blue. Use it to dye homemade ice cream, milkshakes or make some eerie blue alien pasta with the kids!

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