Getaway (South Africa)

FINALIST Compass in the Dark

- By Peet J van Eeden, Welgemoed Canon 5D MKII; Canon EF 24 mm lens F/1.4L II USM; ISO 400; f/13; 1/200s

On a dive at Atlantis Reef, near Miller’s Point in Cape Town, the visibility was less than five metres and it was a disappoint­ing dive. I saw this compass jellyfish at the safety stop at five metres towards the end of the dive. I was swimming slowly after the jellyfish, blacking out the background, to highlight the vivid colours. It’s uncommon to see compass jellyfish on a dive. Enormous increases in Namibia may signify a long-term ecosystem shift. Jellyfish are an indicator of a healthy sea and overfishin­g may lead to a jellyfish bloom. Soon, our oceans may be populated primarily by jellyfish, as they once were.

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