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Fight hair loss

As you age, your hair loses bounce and shine. But for many women, those changes can be more se­vere: a widen­ing path, thin­ning pony­tail and ex­ces­sive hair loss.

Get a growth plan

If you can pin­point the rea­son for your hair loss with your doc­tor, you can take steps to do some­thing about it for good.

1 Ge­net­ics is the most com­mon cause of fe­male hair loss

Be­fore you go down a google hole of home reme­dies, know that “the only top­i­cal treat­ment with ev­i­dence-based ef­fi­cacy is mi­nox­i­dil,” ex­plains Dr Neil Sadick, a der­ma­tol­o­gist who spe­cialises in hair loss. Be pa­tient: it takes at least three months of daily use to yield re­sults, so stick with it.

2 Stress and crash di­ets are the next most fre­quent cul­prits

“Three months af­ter a ma­jor trauma, like surgery, you may have tem­po­rary hair loss,” says Dr Sadick. Bi­otin or zinc sup­ple­ments can strengthen the hairs you have (so they look fuller) un­til the rest of your hair grows back in about six to 12 months.

3 In­flam­ma­tion is a fac­tor

Scalp in­flam­ma­tion is present in a ma­jor­ity of women with hair loss,” ex­plains Dr Sadick, who sug­gests cou­pling a top­i­cal growth treat­ment with a pre­scrip­tion steroid so­lu­tion. Weekly ses­sions of lowen­ergy laser ther­apy can also help.

4 Hor­monal changes – from menopause or birth con­trol pills – can mess with your hair

Spirono­lac­tone, a pre­scrip­tion drug that con­trols an­dro­gens, or a new birth con­trol can put hor­mones into check to nor­malise.

How to bulk up fast

It takes time, about three months, for growth treat­ments to work. While you’re wait­ing, bring in re­in­force­ments: vo­lu­mis­ing blowdry creams and light­weight mousses. Ap­ply your blowdry cream to damp hair, work­ing well from the roots to the ends. Comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. Flip your head over and blast dry, us­ing a big round brush to add vol­ume. Work through the mousse and set your hair in Vel­cro rollers to smooth frizz and add full­ness. Fi­nally, spritz with hair­spray.

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