How to wear a fringe when you have curls

You used to be told to avoid a fringe if your hair is curly. Not nec­es­sar­ily! Here’s how to nail it.

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No longer a no-no

My first go at a curly fringe didn’t work out. I was eight when I cut it my­self. The curls sprang up in an awk­ward, too-short way, so I lopped them off al­to­gether. (Think face-fram­ing buzz cut.) I be­gan to sus­pect that a fringe was just not for peo­ple with curly hair. These days the beauty cul­ture has shifted. Mod­els are show­ing off their nat­u­ral, air-dried tex­ture in modern cuts with curly, longish fringes that they can play up or push to the side. It’s what I have now, too. But here’s what I learnt:

1 START WITH THE RIGHT CUT Get your hair cut when it’s dry!

This may be the most im­por­tant tip of all. “A curly-hair pat­tern can be un­even. It can be straighter un­der­neath and tighter around the crown,” says hair­styl­ist Kayla Michele.

Go long at first

Start a bit longer – to about the tip of your nose when your hair is pulled down straight. “This will give you a sex­ier fringe,” says Kayla. From there, de­cide whether to go a lit­tle shorter. If you want a fuller ef­fect, Kayla rec­om­mends cre­at­ing a tri­an­gle-shaped part­ing from the hair­line. “Then ra­zor-cut the ends, which cre­ates a fluffier tex­ture that stays tou­sled through­out the day.” Longer, parted fringes look great with longer cuts, while vo­lu­mi­nous fringes are su­per fun on shorter, rounded or tri­an­gu­lar styles.

2 MAS­TER YOUR STYLING Fig­ure out how of­ten to wash your hair

Model Alanna Ar­ring­ton’s tip: “Don’t wash your hair ev­ery day!” She only washes once a week and con­di­tions ev­ery other day. Ex­per­i­ment with sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers, and how of­ten to use them. Gen­er­ally, richer for­mu­las are for drier hair.

Use the right styling prod­ucts

If your hair is fine, Kayla ad­vises skip­ping heav­ier oils, which weigh down curls. But hair­styl­ist Lacy Red­way (who works with Alicia Keys) warns that you should use any prod­uct spar­ingly around the fringe, since things can get sticky.

Get vol­ume and airy tex­ture

To help your fringe grow big, ei­ther airdry, or flip damp hair up­side down and rough-dry with a dif­fuser, says Lacy. For a fluffy tex­ture, use a brush to sep­a­rate de­fined curls. “Peo­ple with curly hair can be afraid to brush it out,” says Kayla. “But that wild, airy tex­ture can be re­ally beau­ti­ful.” If fluffy is not your thing, de­tan­gle curls with a wide-tooth comb.

Fix a wonky fringe

Curls dry dif­fer­ently ev­ery time. Wet any weirdly shaped strands. “Then sculpt it with your hands,” Kayla says. Add a few duck-bill clips while it dries.

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