Rock a trendy A-list tur­ban

This look is about as low main­te­nance as it gets and takes about three min­utes to pull to­gether.

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Prep dry hair with a tex­tur­is­ing spray. “You need that dry tex­ture to give your look a messy non­cha­lance – and also to keep the scarf from slip­ping off,” says hair­styl­ist Guido Palau. Get a few scarves in dif­fer­ent sizes and de­signs: African prints, flo­rals or plain shades to go with ev­ery mood and out­fit.


Twist your hair into a messy bun at the crown and se­cure it any which way with a bunch of bobby pins. Pull a few small swaths from the front sec­tion of your hair and let them hang loose in order to cre­ate a fem­i­nine frame around your face.


To recre­ate Salma Hayek’s look, fold a long, nar­row scarf into an 8cm-wide strip and place the cen­tre against the nape of your neck. Pull the ends of the scarf up and cross them above the cen­tre of your fore­head. Bring the ends back to the start­ing point – so that the fabric is par­tially over­lap­ping – and knot them.


If you don’t have the time to wrap your own tur­ban, get a tur­banstyle beanie like the one Katy Perry is rock­ing. Or, like Rihanna, take a rec­tan­gu­lar length of shim­mery fabric and place the cen­tre at your fore­head. Pull the ends to the nape of your neck and tie.


For a sim­ple 20-sec­ond tur­ban wrap to cover your head on a bad hair day, place a scarf against the nape of your neck so that the ends on both sides are of equal length. Fold the ends around your head and over each other. Tuck in the ends and you’re done! “This is a very easy, sim­ple hair­style. It’s young, light-hearted, non­cha­lant.” – Guido Palau

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