10 Easy steps to chang­ing your tyre

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Check out this easy step-bystep guide to chang­ing a flat tyre. Who needs a knight in shin­ing ar­mour any­way?

• If you’re in a pub­lic space, make sure to turn on your haz­ard lights first.

• Once your car is on level ground, re­move the spare tyre, jack, screw­driver and span­ner, and check the owner’s man­ual for in­struc­tions on where to place the jack.

• Loosen the wheel nuts – you just need to turn once. Jack up the car to the point where the wheel turns eas­ily.

• Use the screw­driver to loosen the wheel cover if ap­pli­ca­ble, then use the span­ner and turn anti-clock­wise to loosen the wheel nuts.

• Hold the tyre as steady as pos­si­ble and pull it straight to­wards you to re­move it.

• Us­ing the spare tyre, align the holes on the spare tyre with the bolts on the car and fit the tyre.

• Screw the wheel nuts onto the bolts, first by hand, then lightly us­ing the span­ner, but don’t tighten them fully just yet.

• Lower your car, dis­en­gage the jack and re­move it once the tyre touches the ground.

• Now use the span­ner to tighten the bolts prop­erly. Start with one and then tighten the one directly op­po­site it, re­peat un­til they’re all as tight as you can get them.

• Snap the wheel cover back in place, pack up the spare and tools into the boot.

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