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BEST TIME TO GO? All year round, but it usu­ally rains in sum­mer which makes cer­tain routes quite chal­leng­ing. HOW MUCH TIME DO I NEED? At Golden Gate and Mool­man­shoek you need a week­end for each. Add an ex­tra day or two to ex­plore Clarens. WHERE CAN I STAY? There are tons of ac­com­mo­da­tion op­tions in Clarens, from self-cater­ing and guest houses to ho­tels. Visit www.sa­far­inow.com/Clarens. In the Golden Gate Na­tional Park there are also var­i­ous op­tions. In the Glen Ree­nen rest camp it costs be­tween R200 and R235 per camp site for two peo­ple and R82 per ex­tra per­son up to six peo­ple. There are also fam­ily houses, farm houses and ron­dav­els which can ac­com­mo­date two to six peo­ple at a base tar­iff of be­tween R800 and R1 615 per night. A ron­davel in the Ba­suto cul­tural vil­lage is R810 per night. A log cabin in the High­lands Moun­tain Re­treat costs be­tween R1 300 and R2 475 per night (base rate). Visit www.sanparks.org/parks/gold­en_­gate. Ac­com­mo­da­tion at Mool­man­shoek’s lodge costs be­tween R800 and R1 310 per per­son per night, break­fast and din­ner in­cluded. To camp in their in­for­mal camp site (not car­a­van friendly, bush trail­ers and tents only) is R100 per per­son. Take note, if you camp you do not have ac­cess to the pub­lic spa­ces at the lodge. For all the afore­men­tioned, a once-off con­ser­va­tion fee of R75 per per­son ap­plies. Con­tact 051 933 2220 / 3729, info@mool­man­shoek.co.za, www.mool­man­shoek.co.za. At Di Bus Stop there are four huts and a farm house. Ac­com­mo­da­tion is be­tween R190 and R290 per per­son per night and there is also a 4x4 bush camp where you can camp (to­tally self-suf­fi­cient as there are no ameni­ties) for R75 per night. Con­tact 082 396 7595, info@dibusstop.co.za or www.dibusstop.co.za. HOW MUCH ARE THE ROUTES? To ex­plore Golden Gate with Will of Africa costs R850 per per­son per day. The price in­cludes your food, camp­ing, guide and ra­dios on the route. The pack­age is for a week­end in the park and in­cludes three routes from grade 2 to grade 4. Max­i­mum 10 ve­hi­cles. Con­tact info@willo­fafrica.co.za or willo­fafrica.co.za/ad­ven­tures/ At Mool­man­shoek the routes are only open to guests stay­ing on the farm. The Kieper­sol and Langes­nek routes cost R250 per ve­hi­cle and the Kloof route R300 per ve­hi­cle. Min­i­mum four ve­hi­cles per group. The route at Di Bus Stop is R250 per ve­hi­cle and is a grade 2 to 3. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours to com­plete.

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