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Our Jeep’s wa­ter pump started giv­ing us trou­ble one day so we had it re­placed and also put in a new ther­mo­stat. Af­ter this the Jeep’s en­gine over­heated a few more times and so-called Jeep ex­perts told us the fault lay with the ra­di­a­tor cap. So I re­placed this with a fancy one with its own valve and all. It’s the end of April and my wife, Ronel and I, were head­ing to Ei­land-spa with the Xcape in tow. I watched the tem­per­a­ture gauge with a hawk’s eye and in the Ma­goe­baskloof Pass it over­heated again. I left the en­gine to cool down and crawled to Tza­neen. I saw that one of the tyre valves were al­most off and I had it re­placed at a tyre place. I headed off and about 20 km from Ei­land the ra­di­a­tor burst. There we were, stranded. I called the Ei­land, hop­ing that some­one would come help us get the car­a­van to the re­sort. Within mo­ments the re­sort man­ager, Ben­nie Steenkamp, phoned back and said he was al­ready on his way. Mean­while, the guy who helped with the tyre’s valve came driv­ing past and again of­fered to help. He said he knew a place that could fix the ra­di­a­tor. I phoned the peo­ple and or­gan­ised for them to tow the Jeep to Ei­land, take out the ra­di­a­tor, and take it with them to fix it. Thank­ful for all the help that we re­ceived in our time of need, we pitched camp that night. As al­ways the camp­ing was great and we en­joyed the hos­pi­tal­ity of the re­sort. Ben­nie came to check in of­ten to see if every­thing was still okay and if they could help with trans­port should we need it. Kind­ness like this really warms the heart. The ra­di­a­tor peo­ple fin­ished and came to put it back in the Jeep, but not 3 km fur­ther the Jeep over­heated again. Again we re­placed the ther­mo­stat and then dis­cov­ered that the peo­ple who ini­tially re­placed the wa­ter pump ob­structed some of the wa­ter sup­ply around the pump and this clogged the ra­di­a­tor. All that re­mained was to have the car­a­van and Jeep towed home. Ben­nie again saved the day and we left the car­a­van in his yard un­til we could fetch it. We headed back to Modi­molle with the Jeep on a tow truck. One of the lessons we learnt was not to blindly trust so-called ex­perts be­cause I ini­tially wanted to re­place the ra­di­a­tor. Se­condly, there are peo­ple who care and who will stop to of­fer help to strangers. From the bot­tom of our hearts, thank you to ev­ery­one who stopped and of­fered to help.

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