A neigh­bour’s tent pegs on your stand, a wet floor in the ablu­tion block, a radio or TV at full vol­ume, or a braai drum full of ash. Tell us what you ab­so­lutely can­not stand when you’re camp­ing.

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Julie Hun­der­mark

When pre­vi­ous campers leave the place dirty, with rub­bish and booze bot­tles ly­ing ev­ery­where ex­cept in the bin.

San­dra Wiese

For me it’s the mu­sic loud enough for the en­tire camp­site to hear. Take peo­ple into con­sid­er­a­tion! And also, if the rules state that no mu­sic is al­lowed but it doesn’t get en­forced.

Deon Britz

Just one thing an­noys me: those lit­tle black kick bikes with plas­tic wheels on tar­mac. Es­pe­cially be­fore sun­rise. Every­thing else I can han­dle.

Ernest Horn

When you spot an open stand and the neigh­bour comes over to say “Sorry, I’m keep­ing this spot for my friend”.

Eben de Swardt

A neigh­bour who burns more lights at night than at El­lis Park.

Danie Hat­tingh

Drunk teenagers that try to create an out­door night­club on their stand. I hate con­flict so I rather just don’t re­turn to the same place.

Rina Breedt

Ropes and string that’s tied up from tree to tree for wash­ing. It looks very un­neat.

Hein Goosen

Naughty chil­dren who throw tantrums all day long. And their mom and dad seem obliv­i­ous to it all.

Jan van Staden

Campers who look at me like I’m some­thing the cat dragged in and who don’t greet.

Michelle Stoltz

Peo­ple who don’t clean the ablu­tion fa­cil­i­ties af­ter they’ve used it and ex­pect oth­ers to tidy up af­ter them.

Nor­man du Plooy

Cig­a­rette butts from the pre­vi­ous campers. And peo­ple who smoke around and in the ablu­tion fa­cil­i­ties.

Tina Ger­mishuys

My big­gest gripe are pool pumps that stay on all night long. Have you ever no­ticed how peace­ful it is when they’re switched off?

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