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The Lion’s Cub doesn’t have a nosecone. To save on weight and curb length, there’s a small shelf with a full-size 14” spare tyre and two gas cylin­ders. The cylin­der on the left feeds the shower at the back of the Cub, and the bot­tle on the right is for the gas stove in the fold-out kitchen. The spade above the spare wheel is not for when you get an un­ex­pected urge to do some gar­den­ing. There’s an elec­tric­ity socket on the right-hand side panel, in front of the axle. Be­hind a panel that stretches across ba­si­cally the en­tire length of the right-hand side is a slide­out bed. By un­clip­ping it and pulling on its han­dles, the slide-out ap­pears ef­fort­lessly from the Cub’s body. The slide­out also has a win­dow that slides open as well as a fold­away wash­ing line. A 120 W so­lar panel on top of the roof sup­plies elec­tric­ity to the bat­tery sys­tem. Be­hind the so­lar panel is a rack that is large enough for at least four huge bags of fire­wood or a bat­tery of jerry cans. The roof pops up eas­ily with the help of gas struts – but clos­ing the roof re­quires quite a bit more el­bow grease. With one hand you need to pull on a strap which low­ers the roof half way down and with the other hand you have to push against the win­dow frame so that the en­tire struc­ture col­lapses in­ward and down. It’s easy for tall guys, but if you’re built like Danny DeVito, you’re go­ing to strug­gle. Be­hind the roof is a long tool­box made of alu­minium che­quer plate – per­fect for ham­mers, ex­tra tent poles, and ran­dom spares. >

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