At the back, to the left, and be­low

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The Cub’s en­trance is to the left in the back and ac­cess is made easy via a fold-down step. The num­ber plate is mounted be­low the step and is only vis­i­ble when the step is folded up. Next to the step is a cop­per tap that’s con­nected to a built-in 60 ℓ wa­ter tank. To the right of the door is a lock­able cup­board where you’ll find a pump-pow­ered 5,5 ℓ gas shower (also con­nected to the wa­ter tank). Above the en­trance and shower is an LED strip that changes colour from white to yel­low to red at the press of a but­ton. On the Cub’s left side is an alu­minium ta­ble that folds flat against the body and clips in place. Next to the ta­ble, above the axle, is a split hatch. The top half flips open to form a makeshift canopy and the bot­tom part folds down hor­i­zon­tally. There is a twin gas cooker on the bot­tom hatch. The fold-out kitchen is well equipped – there are plates, glasses, and cut­lery for two – but there is no LED roof light. There is a 12 V Hella socket in the panel to the left above the fold-out kitchen. Next to the kitchen is a an­other door that swings to the left – this is where you’ll find the fridge-freezer on a drawer. On the in­side of the door is a fold­ing frame that holds a basin and a dry­ing rack. There’s a fold-out can­vas canopy with side pan­els so you can cook even if it’s rain­ing. You drop the four corner stead­ies by pulling on a red tab at each one. With the stead­ies de­ployed it’s a sim­ple mat­ter to crank them with a stan­dard wheel span­ner un­til the Cub is level.

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