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Fol­low­ing Mic’s col­umn “Tow ball weights and your sus­pen­sion” in the May is­sue, I’d like to share my thoughts. My brother fit­ted ex­tra air blad­ders to his Land Cruiser 200, and they ap­pear to work well. I de­cided to fit them to my Hilux D-4D dou­ble cab too. They sit on the rear axle by the leaf springs, but they were a dis­ap­point­ment. The air blad­ders were fit­ted be­tween the leaf spring and the chassis, and re­duced the sus­pen­sion’s travel by 6 cm. I think in this way it re­duces the bur­den on the leaf springs in­stead of sup­port­ing them. So when the springs are fully com­pressed, they im­pact with the air blad­der as op­posed to the chassis. I de­cided to re­move the blad­ders and put them on the axle next to the springs. What an im­prove­ment! I’ll do it this way on my next ve­hi­cle, too. I don’t un­der­stand why they are de­signed to fit be­tween the chassis and the leaf springs.

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