Paptert with corn, ba­con and jalapeño

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The corn and ba­con in this dish make a de­li­cious com­bi­na­tion.


(enough for 6-8) 4 cups wa­ter 2 cups maize meal 1 tin (410 g) creamy sweet­corn 2 ta­ble­spoons but­ter 1 onion, finely chopped 200 g ba­con, chopped 2-3 jalapeños, sliced 1 cup grated cheese

Here’s how

1 Heat the wa­ter in a flat­bot­tomed potjie or cast iron pan till it boils. Add the maize meal slowly while stir­ring briskly. Add the salt and let the por­ridge sim­mer slowly for about 30 min­utes, or un­til it’s cooked. Add half the sweet­corn. 2 Melt the but­ter in an­other pan and fry the onion till soft and shiny. Add the jalapeños and fry for an­other 2 min­utes, then add the ba­con and fry till it’s cooked. Add the rest of the sweet­corn to this mix. 3 Dish the ba­con mix on top of the por­ridge and sprin­kle it with the cheese. Put on the lid and heat the pan slowly on the side of the fire un­til the cheese has melted.

go! Drive & Camp says

If you don’t have a flat­bot­tomed potjie or cast iron pan, put the por­ridge in a deep tin­foil dish, add the ba­con mix on top and sprin­kle with cheese. Top with foil and heat the paptert on the braai grid.

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