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The bat­tery was patented in 1800 by Alessan­dro Volta (now you know where “volt” comes from). Twenty years ear­lier, Volta wit­nessed his friend Luigi Gal­vani dis­sect a frog. Luigi hung the frog from a brass hook; and ev­ery time he stuck the blade of his scalpel into the frog’s leg, the frog started kick­ing. The baf­fled Luigi at­trib­uted it to “an­i­mal elec­tric­ity”, but Volta later dis­cov­ered that two dif­fer­ent types of metal con­nected by a moist medium will gen­er­ate elec­tric­ity. The bat­tery patented by Volta in 1800 con­sisted of var­i­ous zinc and cop­per discs that were sub­merged in brine. You can thank Volta for ev­ery head­lamp, por­ta­ble ra­dio and smart­phone, and count­less other in­ven­tions that rely on a bat­tery.

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