Twins in a for­est

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Ten-year-old Ruan Con­radie from Fran­schhoek doesn’t bor­row his par­ents’ phones to make calls or play games, but to take pho­to­graphs.

“We spent the hol­i­days at the Tsit­sikamma Lodge where, as a fam­ily, we went walk­ing in the pine plan­ta­tions. Two brown trees in con­trast with the grey ones around them caught my eye. So I bor­rowed my mother Lizette’s phone to cap­ture the over­all scene and the two dead trees.”

The two trees def­i­nitely stand out, but it’s the tree in the front on the left that an­chors the pic­ture, as it’s the first ob­ject you see. Be­cause it leans to the right (to­wards the two dead trees), it also forces your eye to that side of the im­age. Then you not only see the two dead trees, but also that they stand out like twins, be­cause both have an un­usual curve at the bot­tom. From here, the dark­ness be­hind draws your eye to where the rest of the plan­ta­tion’s trees dis­ap­pear. The sky above com­petes for your at­ten­tion, and it’s some­what dis­tract­ing. To achieve an im­age with a more artis­tic slant, crop it at the far­thest tree tops, and just be­low the trunks of the dead trees. It also looks as if the photo has a blue-ish fil­ter ap­plied, which makes it more arty.

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