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Mir­ror, blind spot, in­di­ca­tor. Mir­ror, brake, hands re­main on the steer­ing wheel, stop. Hand­brake, clutch, sec­ond gear, bal­ance the clutch, full ob­ser­va­tion, hand­brake down, drive. Blind spot, turn – push and pull! Don’t cross your hands, check the trailer in the mir­ror while turn­ing, third gear. And off you go...

This in­ner mono­logue has been play­ing in my head for the past few weeks ev­ery time I ap­proach a four-way stop. That’s not quite true; it’s less of a mono­logue and more as if I have a built-in check­list of Retha giv­ing in­struc­tions in my ear. Retha be­ing my driv­ing-school in­struc­tor.

I’m on the other side of 40 and have had my li­cence for more than 20 years, after com­plet­ing my li­cense test by driv­ing around the streets of Parys in the Free State for around 20 min­utes with Baber Botha, the lo­cal traf­fic of­fi­cer. Be­fore that, I passed the yard test ef­fort­lessly in my sil­ver Mazda 323. Hon­estly, it wasn’t hard to par­al­lel park in the Sil­ver Flame. And from that day on, I was legally on the road with my Code 8. It al­lowed me to tow, too.

With the switch to the credit-card for­mat and new codes just be­fore the turn of the new cen­tury, I au­to­mat­i­cally re­ceived a code EB driver’s li­cence, which means

I can still tow. That comes in very handy now that I’m work­ing on this mag­a­zine.

Kyle, how­ever, is dif­fer­ent story. He’s a lot younger and looks at you with ques­tion marks in his eyes when you start talk­ing about a Code 8, 10 or 14. He ob­tained his code B driver’s li­cence after 1998, but we wanted him to be able to tow car­a­vans heav­ier than 750 kg and in­structed him to get his tow­ing li­cence.

It would also make an in­sight­ful story about a hot topic. But then some clever Dick got the idea that we should com­pare two types of driver’s li­cence tests. “So our read­ers can be bet­ter in­formed about their op­tions.” And that’s how I was del­e­gated to turn my­self over to the Code EC1 world. And what an in­ter­est­ing world that is.

The re­sult of Kyle and my ad­ven­ture be­gins on page 102 where we tell you about our learner’s li­cence tests and our ex­pe­ri­ences at two dif­fer­ent driv­ing schools. Be­cause it is such a com­pre­hen­sive ar­ti­cle, we’ll be pub­lish­ing part two next month. And that’s when I in­vade Parow’s streets in a Nis­san UD truck with a trailer in tow and a traf­fic of­fi­cer sit­ting on my left.

Safe trav­els!

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