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What’s your pre­ferred method of cook­ing when you’re camp­ing? Do you pre­fer the smoky taste that wood gives or do you sim­ply re­quire your meat to be grilled on char­coal? How about the ef­fi­ciency of a gas cooker?

An­dre Kulu Cruy­wa­gen

Gas for cof­fee. Wood for the braai. Char­coal for bak­ing.

Rodger Peel

There is noth­ing like a good old wood fire.

Ur­sula Mostert

Def­i­nitely wood. I can stare at the flames for hours.

Ernie Fourie

It’s not al­ways pos­si­ble to take wood (my favourite) along be­cause of the sheer vol­ume and weight it adds. Then char­coal has to do.

JAK’s Tracks

Wood all the way. I can’t imag­ine cook­ing a lovely piece of meat on gas.

Willna Stander

We pre­fer wood. Gas is just for side dishes.

Wi­han Schoom­bie

We usu­ally use char­coal (be­cause it is con­ve­nient in Aus­tralia), with a lit­tle bit of hick­ory chips for ex­tra flavour.

Kevin Wright

Wood. I didn’t know there was any other way of treat­ing a piece of meat.

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