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While hu­man er­ror is the big­gest cause of car ac­ci­dents, badly main­tained ve­hi­cles also make a large con­tri­bu­tion to the na­tional road toll ev­ery year. Keep your ve­hi­cle in peak con­di­tion – it saves lives. Auto Care & Di­ag­nos­tics of­fers a wide va­ri­ety of

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Acar that doesn’t want to start on a cold morn­ing or a faulty air­con are mi­nor ir­ri­ta­tions. But a ve­hi­cle that is not prop­erly main­tained is more than a frus­tra­tion – it is a dan­ger on the road. Auto Care & Di­ag­nos­tics (or ACD for short), can help you with the fol­low­ing:


Air con­di­tion­ing sys­tems in ve­hi­cles run out of gas or stop work­ing as a re­sult of bro­ken com­po­nents. At se­lected ACD work­shops, our trained tech­ni­cians of­fer air con­di­tion­ing re­pair ser­vices as well as re-gassing of air con­di­tion­ing units, for a wide va­ri­ety of au­to­mo­tive air con­di­tion­ing sys­tems.


ACD of­fers auto elec­tri­cal re­pair and main­te­nance at se­lected work­shops around the coun­try. A dead bat­tery, starter or al­ter­na­tor could all be symp­toms that your ve­hi­cle’s elec­tri­cal sys­tem is prob­lem­atic. ACD uses ad­vanced elec­tri­cal di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment to lo­cate and fix your prob­lem and get your car back on the road. This ser­vice is avail­able at se­lected work­shops.


Your ve­hi­cle’s brakes are a crit­i­cal safety item and the reg­u­lar main­te­nance thereof is non­nego­tiable. The in­crease in brak­ing dis­tance and pos­si­ble fail­ure due to worn com­po­nents is dan­ger­ous and the con­se­quences can be dire. ACD of­fers: re­place­ment of disc pads, re­place­ment of brake discs, re­place­ment of brake shoes, re­place­ment of ca­bles and sen­sors, re­pairs to hy­draulic sys­tems, re­place­ment of hy­draulic com­po­nents, skim­ming of brake discs re­pairs, re­place­ment of cal­liper com­po­nents.


The in­creased use of elec­tronic com­po­nents, sen­sors and ECU’s (“Com­put­ers” as they are com­monly called) within ve­hi­cle elec­tri­cal sys­tems, has prompted the com­puter aided di­ag­no­sis of faults and er­rors. Most mod­ern ve­hi­cles are equipped with ODB II di­ag­nos­tic adapters and warn­ing in­di­ca­tors on the dash­board, to in­di­cate when a com­po­nent is de­fec­tive. ACD use state of the art di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment and ex­pe­ri­ence to as­sess what has gone wrong.


The drive train con­nects your ve­hi­cle’s engine to the wheels and sup­plies the power to move for­ward. These com­po­nents are sub­ject to ex­ces­sive forces as mod­ern cars have in­creased power and torque which causes com­po­nent fail­ures due to wear & tear. ACD of­fers: clutch unit re­place­ment, CV joints/ prop shaft re­pairs and wheel bear­ing re­place­ment.


Your ve­hi­cle’s engine is a crit­i­cal area but some­times due to com­po­nent fail­ure and wear & tear, it will re­quire main­te­nance & re­lated re­pairs. ACD of­fers: tim­ing belt/ chain re­place­ment (“cam­belt”), and engine over­hauls and re­builds.


Reg­u­lar main­te­nance en­sures longevity of ma­jor com­po­nents of your ve­hi­cle. Manda­tory main­te­nance items in­clude fil­ters and lu­bri­cants that have a lim­ited life­span and there­fore need to be re­placed ev­ery 10,000 km on a diesel and 15,000km on a petrol ve­hi­cle OR 12 months to limit costly re­pairs caused by ex­ces­sive wear and tear.


Sus­pen­sion com­po­nents are there to keep you firmly on the road. Da­m­age from pot­holes and poor road sur­faces as well as nor­mal wear and tear may cause sus­pen­sion fail­ure due to the weight of the ve­hi­cle and the con­stant state of mo­tion. ACD of­fers: sus­pen­sion rack re­place­ment and com­po­nent re­place­ment.

To find your near­est branch of ACD visit www.acd­work­ or call 011-879-6000.

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