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Hon­estly, the learner’s li­cence test is re­ally not a dif­fi­cult one to pass and, once you’ve mas­tered the ques­tions on the app or in the book, you’re ready to write. It can take a few days or even hours, de­pend­ing on how much time you spend look­ing down at your phone.

Then, de­pend­ing on how con­fi­dent you are with your driv­ing abil­ity, it’s time to book your driv­ing test. You need to make sure that you’ve cir­cled the cor­rect sec­tion on the form that states your ap­point­ment is for an EB test. You will be re­quired to per­form an­other eye test, make sure to re­mind the cashier when you pay (R140 this time, and an­other set of ID pho­tos) that your ap­point­ment is for an EB test.

Then it’s off to find a rep­utable driv­ing school. Look into the driv­ing school you’re about to in­vest in. Check their suc­cess rate. If they have a page on so­cial me­dia, that’s even bet­ter. Maybe you can check with past stu­dents what the ex­pe­ri­ence is like and if they would rec­om­mend the same school. Don’t just go with a fly-by-night op­er­a­tor be­cause it’s R50 cheaper per hour, as there are un­scrupu­lous schools out there who set peo­ple up for fail­ure, so you have to come back and spend more money.

Fur­ther­more, they also re­quire you to bring your own tow­ing ve­hi­cle and trailer. And if you don’t al­ready have a trailer or an un­cle who can loan you one, that can cost any­where be­tween R150 and R250 per day.

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