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Ti­aan has ex­per­i­mented with this method a lot. It cre­ates a unique taste and is sur­pris­ingly easy.


1 fresh fish filet like ka­beljou, yel­low­tail or Cape sal­mon olive oil salt and pep­per, to taste a few hand­fuls smoke shav­ings (for sale at super­mar­kets and co-ops) a large piece of foil

Here’s how

1 Paint the fish all over with oil and put with skin down on the grid. Braai the fish for 3–5 min­utes on both sides so it’s not com­pletely raw when you start to smoke it. 2 Tear off a piece of foil big enough to cover the grid and the coals. Take the grid off and throw a hand­ful of shav­ings on the coals. Put the grid back on and cover with the foil.

3 Try to cap­ture as much smoke as pos­si­ble while the shav­ings are burn­ing – a We­ber with a lid works well. Keep the foil on for about 5 min­utes. You can turn the grid once and im­me­di­ately put the foil back on.

4 Add salt and pep­per. (By now the fish will have a light yel­low tinge. Press the fish lightly with your fin­gers to feel if the meat is firm.

If it flakes eas­ily, it’s ready.

go! Drive & Camp says Oak shav­ings from old wine bar­rels work the best. A bag of 315 g costs R60 at Agri­mark.

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