This is go­ing to hurt just a lit­tle bit…


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Use this to clean out open wounds be­fore ap­ply­ing a ban­dage or plas­ters. It ster­ilises the wounds and helps to clean out bac­te­ria that cause in­fec­tion. The fluid also helps to wash any grit or other dirt from the wound. It may hurt a lit­tle (okay, a lot) to cleanse bro­ken skin with Savlon, be­cause the dis­in­fec­tant does st­ing, but this is es­sen­tial if you want the wound to heal quickly with min­i­mal scar­ring.

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says There’s noth­ing wrong with Det­tol, but Savlon burns less when it’s ap­plied to a scuffed knee.

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