Go! Drive and Camp Camp Guide - - Safety -

1 What on earth is this? Ex­tra fix­tures screwed onto the bot­tle are il­le­gal.

2 Old geezer Bot­tles made prior to 1969 were con­structed of less durable (un­tem­pered) steel.

3 Sticky spot Il­le­gal stick­ers on bot­tles can be mis­lead­ing.

4 The school of h ard knocks Dents can in­di­cate that the bot­tle has been man­han­dled or dam­aged and may con­se­quently have a weak spot.

5 Fire or flame marks Scorch marks are signs that the bot­tle may have been ex­posed to ex­ces­sive heat.

6 Sss... A leak­ing valve in­di­cates that it may have been tam­pered with.

7 Red means dead Vis­i­ble weath­er­ing such as rust in­di­cates that the bot­tle’s days are num­bered.

8 Crack de­tec­tive Cuts or cracks mean that you are look­ing at a time bomb.

9 Hands off, Sparky! Signs of “re­pair work” to the bot­tle (such as the marks of an an­gle grinder or weld­ing) are signs of a weak spot.

10 Crip­pled foot A bot­tom ring that has been dam­aged will pre­vent the bot­tle from stay­ing up­right. (It may have been dropped on a hard sur­face and be bruised.)

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