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To store your car­a­van with the pop-up roof open has its ad­van­tages, says Jo­hannes. “For me, it feels like it al­lowed your car­a­van to air out, and you can eas­ily wipe up the dust that gets in through there.

“Peo­ple of­ten keep it closed, but with­out re­al­is­ing that they didn’t push the can­vas walls in all the way as they were clos­ing the roof. Then the roof’s rub­ber seals can’t do their job against wa­ter ingress, and when you pop the roof again, there’s wa­ter stains and dam­age on the can­vas.

“Wa­ter that gets trapped in the grooves can also cause the gas struts to rust. Keep the win­dows closed and the fridge switched on – it pre­vents the pipes from rust­ing. If you do choose to switch the fridge off, clean and dry it thor­oughly and leave the door open.”

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