CHILD Wel­fare in King Wil­liam’s Town is ap­peal­ing to any­one able to help a fam­ily of five who are liv­ing in “in­hu­mane cir­cum­stances”.

Four chil­dren, be­tween four to 10 years of age, and their fa­ther live in a di­lap­i­dated shack in Ber­lin Farm out­side King Wil­liam’s Town.

Child Wel­fare of­fice man­ager Pa­tience Mokololo said they were alerted by a sis­ter in charge of the Ber­lin Clinic about the ap­palling cir­cum­stances the chil­dren were liv­ing in.

“The shack they live in is not in a state any liv­ing species should live in. The di­lap­i­dated shack is a rental, they pay R250 a month,” Mokololo said.

She said they were still wait­ing for the lo­cal mu­nic­i­pal­ity to pro­vide a site where they could build a proper shel­ter for the fam­ily.

“The mother has been in hos­pi­tal for three months, and the fa­ther is suf­fer­ing with tu­ber­cu­lo­sis, which has now spread to the chil­dren.”

The fam­ily needs any form of help they can get, whether it is cloth­ing, gro­ceries, blan­kets or med­i­cal as­sis­tance.

Any­one who is will­ing to help can con­tact the Child Wel­fare of­fices at (043) 643-4197.

The King Wil­liam’s Town-based Child Wel­fare is an NGO which pro­vides child pro­tec­tion ser­vices and pro­motes the safety and well-be­ing of chil­dren.

Pic­ture: SUP­PLIED

TRAGIC: A Child Wel­fare of­fi­cial stand­ing at the en­trance of the di­lap­i­dated shack, which is home to a sick fa­ther and his four young chil­dren. Their mother is in hos­pi­tal

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