Drugs: a se­ri­ous low

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The sea­son of good­will will soon be upon us, with time for a break from the hurly burly of life, and time to re­lax with fam­ily.

For some though, it’s the “silly sea­son”, non-stop par­ty­ing, where drugs and liquor are the or­der of the day.

One reads on a daily ba­sis about judges and mag­is­trates hav­ing to deal with breaches of com­mon de­cency, which seem to peak at this time of the year.

So here are the com­ments of one ex­as­per­ated judge when sen­tenc­ing a youth to a term of im­pris­on­ment for such an of­fence:

“Do you know who is go­ing to serve this sen­tence?

“Not only you. Your fa­ther and mother will serve it. Your body is in the cells for a year, but their souls are tor­mented for a life­time.

“... your fa­ther and mother have put their lives, their hearts, their sweat, their money and ev­ery­thing else they have into mak­ing you a wor­thy ci­ti­zen of this coun­try.

“Now they have to sit in this court and lis­ten to a to­tal stranger who had noth­ing to do with your up­bring­ing be­rate you and put you in prison.

“This is a pe­riod when friv­o­lous kids of your age are yelling ‘you adults have your al­co­hol, we want our drugs’.

“You have pol­luted our wa­ter and air, you have pol­luted this and that and the rest of the rub­bish that comes out of your mouths ...

“I want you to think of this dur­ing your time in prison and the rea­son why I say it.

“If you are sick, a doc­tor will treat you and he won’t be high on drugs.The lawyer who rep­re­sents you won’t be high on drugs and the peo­ple in whose cus­tody you will be in won’t be high.

“But in the world of the fu­ture, the same may not be true.

“Teach­ers, doc­tors, lawyers, leg­is­la­tors, en­gi­neers, prod­ucts of a drug-ori­ented gen­er­a­tion may well be high as kites.

“You won’t know to whom to send your chil­dren or in whom to trust your life.

“Let’s see what kind of life you leave your chil­dren be­fore you talk about the world we left to ours.”

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