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Cambridge High School cricket boys reflect on successful season


The Go!& Express newspaper caught up with Cambridge High School cricketers Brady Hoole and Jessi Simpson at the end of a successful cricket season.

How do you feel about your cricket performanc­e this season?

BRADY: I started the season slowly, but gained confidence and then ended the season off well.

JESSI: I am very proud of my performanc­e this season, but I know that I can still improve my performanc­e in the next season.

What would you say was the highlight of the season?

BRADY: My highlight of the season was scoring 110 not out off 66 balls against

Port Rex.

JESSI: My highlight of the season was in the match against Port Rex with Brady Hoole, where we scored a 254 run partnershi­p and I made 94 runs.

What do you love most about cricket?

BRADY: Every game is a challenge for you to do better than the last game. JESSI: I love that it is a very skillful sport that I find very relaxing.

What would you say is the most challengin­g thing about playing cricket?

BRADY: Spending hours in the very hot sun and not always being able to make a good contributi­on to your team. JESSI: Having to be very patient and getting your timing just right.

Do you have any goals in the sport?

BRADY: My goal is to make the school’s first team in every sport I play and possibly even make it into the Border school’s team.

JESSI: Yes, I would like to become a profession­al cricket player when I am older.

Who do you credit as your inspiratio­n? BRADY: My older brothers did very well in sports at school and made numerous Border teams in a wide range of sports. I would love to be able to follow in their footsteps.

JESSI: My teammates, my family and my coaches.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you learned that improved how you play that you can share with your fellow cricket players?

BRADY: I play indoor cricket which definitely helps with having a quick reaction on the field. You also need lots of practice and you have to play each ball on merit.

JESSI: I have found that discipline is an important key in a sport like cricket. Also the more time you put into practicing the better you get.


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