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go! Platteland - - ED’S LETTER - Jo­han & Peter

Last year this time, we were walk­ing on hot coals – or at least that’s how it felt. We were busy with the very first is­sue of Plat­te­land, after many, many months of ca­jol­ing and plan­ning and craft­ing. It was ac­tu­ally a shot in the dark, as nei­ther of us knew whether any­body would ever pick up the mag­a­zine, nev­er­mind buy it.

To­day, four is­sues in, the hot coals at dead­line time glow as fiercely as ever, but now we know who our read­ers are, and that is a com­fort­ing thought. They’re peo­ple who love life, who do things. Peo­ple who take pride in their homes and their towns and their coun­try. Peo­ple who send us let­ters and post Face­book mes­sages and call with sug­ges­tions and com­pli­ments and, sure, com­plaints too. Par­tic­i­pants.

There’s another rea­son we’re thank­ful, and that’s for the fig­ure be­low the red ABC logo on the bot­tom right of this page. The fig­ure that tells us more than 35 000 peo­ple have enough faith in us to take R42 out their wallets. (And a spe­cial thanks to the 1 630 read­ers who have sub­scribed for a year, and those who didn’t give up, de­spite ad­min­is­tra­tive hur­dles and Post Of­fice strikes, un­til their mag­a­zines fi­nally ar­rived.) What have we learnt? Firstly, the plat­te­land is a very spe­cial place in peo­ple’s hearts rather than a bunch of iso­lated vil­lages far from any­where. Our many city read­ers bear wit­ness to that. Se­condly, you don’t have to live com­mer­cially; just look at what plat­te­landers make them­selves – honey, jam, cheese, soap, you name it. And thirdly, the sto­ries in the plat­te­land are good (and good enough) for a book as thick as the En­cy­clopae­dia Bri­tan­nica.

En­joy our fifth is­sue of Plat­te­land, the hol­i­day is­sue.

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