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Are you a pirate?


I live in a city, but along the South African coast we are all affected by the three-year drought and its challenges. I don’t think we’ll ever again take for granted a drop of water coming out of a tap or the soft sound of the rain drumming on the roof as we snuggle under the covers.

A snippet in the Autumn 2018 issue of Platteland about a unit to fit atop a loo, using only rain- or recycled water, caught my eye. If we’re using up to 15 litres per loo flush, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how much potable water we’ve all being flushing away for years.

Innovators appear and step up to the challenge. Along the coast, bathtubs are becoming almost obsolete and builder’s merchants are marking down their prices. The shower dance, which requires great dexterity, is what we’re at! I heard of someone recently who lost his footing and had to get six stitches in his head, so make sure your receptacle is non-slip and large enough for your size-11s.

By soaping up and turning the shower off you can save 30 litres per shower. A seven-minute shower (like in the good old days) uses 100 litres. Not letting the tap run while brushing your teeth is a no-brainer. This is water piracy.

It all seems trifling until you multiply it by all of us and realise it adds up to a considerab­le whole. No longer can we take nature and our impact on it for granted. Karen Duffell, PORT ELIZABETH

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