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I live in a city, but along the South African coast we are all af­fected by the three-year drought and its chal­lenges. I don’t think we’ll ever again take for granted a drop of wa­ter com­ing out of a tap or the soft sound of the rain drum­ming on the roof as we snug­gle un­der the cov­ers.

A snip­pet in the Au­tumn 2018 is­sue of Plat­te­land about a unit to fit atop a loo, us­ing only rain- or re­cy­cled wa­ter, caught my eye. If we’re us­ing up to 15 litres per loo flush, it doesn’t take a ge­nius to work out how much potable wa­ter we’ve all be­ing flush­ing away for years.

In­no­va­tors ap­pear and step up to the chal­lenge. Along the coast, bath­tubs are be­com­ing al­most ob­so­lete and builder’s mer­chants are mark­ing down their prices. The shower dance, which re­quires great dex­ter­ity, is what we’re at! I heard of some­one re­cently who lost his foot­ing and had to get six stitches in his head, so make sure your re­cep­ta­cle is non-slip and large enough for your size-11s.

By soap­ing up and turn­ing the shower off you can save 30 litres per shower. A seven-minute shower (like in the good old days) uses 100 litres. Not let­ting the tap run while brush­ing your teeth is a no-brainer. This is wa­ter piracy.

It all seems tri­fling un­til you mul­ti­ply it by all of us and re­alise it adds up to a con­sid­er­able whole. No longer can we take na­ture and our im­pact on it for granted. Karen Duf­fell, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH

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