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Changed our perception


The Platteland cover has often caught my eye from the queue at the cash register, but it’s only in the past 10 days, while on holiday in the Kgalagadi, that I have had a chance to read all the stories: two issues in English and others in my beloved home language. Wow, this is one fantastic recipe for a farm girl like me who is stuck in Sea Point (by choice), yet long for the platteland and its artless sincerity and nonchalanc­e.

We stayed over in Kakamas and gossiped with a waiter about the town and the fact that I, a Capetonian, now saw the place in a whole new light because I knew more about what it had to offer, thanks to Platteland. Later this month I’m visiting Parys, Free State, which I’ve never been to, and I’ve already checked out my accommodat­ion via Platteland.

When I read about the fancy people who moved from the city and now make the most of their talents in small towns, I realise again that people are only people and all want the same things: honesty and a place in the sun, no matter the size of the audience.

I am going to buy all the previous issues of Platteland immediatel­y – not the digital versions, but those printed on paper!

Engela du Toit, SEA POINT

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