go! Platteland

Golden opportunit­ies


I don’t consider myself a profession­al photograph­er, but it’s something I enjoy and one of the many ways I express myself creatively. I currently use three different cameras: my Nikon D50 (with various lenses) is the closest to a profession­al camera and allows me to zoom in quite closely as well as take macro photos; the Canon PowerShot SX240 HS is a modern point-and-click that I use only for landscape or portrait photos; and my Apple iPhone 5S is for panoramic pictures and serves as my fallback when I don’t have one of the other two with me.

When a camera or my capabiliti­es let me down, I turn to Photoshop until I’m happy with the final result.

The photos on these pages are merely a snapshot of the many exceptiona­l moments I was lucky to witness first-hand.

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