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“Here, we show you how to grow one row of plants, but you can use the same basics and instructio­ns to add another row. Just keep in mind that the bigger your system, the stronger the pump has to be – and this is the most expensive part. Our system (pictured opposite) is in fact two systems, one above the other, with two rows of plants in each. The reason is we have two small pumps.” SHOPPING LIST

• a 3m piece of downpipe (round or square)

• 2 gutter elbows

• 3 brackets

• 12 hydroponic­s baskets

• 6 screws and wall plugs

• a large plastic crate with a lid

• a 4m piece of garden hose Difficulty Cost of materials Time needed


• a small fish-pond pump that can pump at least 1,2m high (approximat­ely 800ℓ/h)

• a bag (1,5ℓ) of growing medium such as Leca, chippings or coir

• an extension cord to the nearest power point plus a power plug


• a grommet, to ensure a watertight seal where the irrigation pipe fits into the hole in the gutter

• a 1m piece of black 22mm irrigation pipe

• a tube of PVC cement glue

• 12 seedlings (leaf or fruitbeari­ng plants, not mixed)


• a hole saw with a diameter slightly smaller than the baskets you’re using

• an electric drill with a screwdrive­r

• a pencil

• measuring tape

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