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Green fingers

Flavourful, nutritious, versatile and easy to prepare… Fresh asparagus is a popular all-rounder with good reason and a great way to turn a winter meal into something special.


When you think of asparagus, early spring probably comes to mind first. But fortunatel­y this delicious vegetable is available here in South Africa for most of the year – winter included.

It’s tasty, good to look at (and good for you), and incredibly easy to prepare too. The secret lies in not overcookin­g asparagus: you really only need a bowl of boiling water in which to blanch them, or try steaming them. Just remember that those beautiful green shoots are ready as soon as they turn a brigher shade of green. Serve them immediatel­y; make sure the plates, dressing and cutlery are ready… and tuck right in!

Stir-frying is my favourite way to cook asparagus – with enough butter and lots of black pepper. The only extra ingredient­s you need are a squeeze of lemon juice and a few shavings of Parmesan.

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