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- Salome Botes, SWAKOPMUND

Since Platteland came into being, I have bought every single issue and they are all – from #1 tot #24 (now #25) – stacked neatly on my bookshelf.

With regard to the letter “Why these negative things?” in the Summer 2019/20 issue (#25): people who live in small towns carry an indescriba­ble feeling in their hearts. Those who pass by look but do not see! It is a feeling of loyalty and love, and it is the very reason why these dorpies capture one’s heart. Even if the streets are pocked with holes. Even if the little shops aren’t perfect. Even if at times there is no water. Even if not everybody is like you.

Here, neighbours still chat over the fence. Here, you find silence. Here, you find peace. Here, we phone one another to arrange a time to meet for sundowners. Here, you can wander that same street full of holes without fear. Here you can socialise in the local bar till deep into the night and hear the loveliest, most interestin­g and sincere stories. In the bar, the guitar comes out and the whole town sings along. In the same bar you would drink your coffee and eat chocolate cake. You can just be yourself and laugh at yourself without end, and at at silly jokes.

Here in the small town, with all its faults, you live!

This is the life a passer-by would never experience. It is the life that is perfect, even if the dorpie is run down. The perfection of a dorpie is a feeling in your heart.

To the Karoo residents who are worried: on my next Karoo holiday I will make an effort to visit the mentioned dorpies. As a platteland­er, I know every dorpie has the cutest coffee shop, usually in the oldest building in town. These coffee shops would be decorated with genuine platteland love – the same love you would be able to taste in the coffee and chocolate cake.

In short: it is the people who make a dorp.

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