Tooth­brush or cam­era?

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I had a dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion to make on our re­cent tour of the Kala­hari and Namibia. We had just ar­rived at the Felix Unite base camp on the banks of the Or­ange River for a three-night kayak­ing trip. In front of me stood a hand­ful of 25-litre plas­tic buck­ets. These needed to carry all of our gear for the next four days. Pri­or­ity items ranged from clothes to toi­letries and all the extras we’d re­quire for a seven- and a nine-year-old. My beloved cam­era gear wasn’t on that list. I’m not a pro cam­era guy although I see my­self as a ded­i­cated ama­teur. Over the years I’ve in­vested in qual­ity mir­ror­less equip­ment and a range of good lenses, plus the lat­est DJI drone. I had al­ready de­cided there was no way I could carry it all down the river. At the last minute, in a mo­ment of mad­ness, I repacked my gear. I left out some of my “essen­tials” and man­aged to squeeze in my drone, my Pana­sonic Lu­mix GH5 cam­era, two lenses, a tri­pod and some fil­ters. In the end I was able to prop­erly cap­ture the epic land­scapes, take ae­rial pho­tos and videos, and record the kids and their friends en­joy­ing this in­cred­i­ble ex­pe­ri­ence. It turns out that my cam­era gear was in fact at the top of my own per­sonal essen­tials list! SEAN UYS, Dur­ban

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