Ched­dar-and­beer soup

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Serves 4–6 Prepa­ra­tion time 10 min­utes Cook­ing time 20 min­utes

This is a thick and creamy soup. Af­ter you’ve had the last spoon­ful, you can eat the bread roll you served it in, too!

You need

• 60 ml but­ter • 1 long cel­ery stalk, finely chopped • 1 large car­rot, peeled and finely chopped • 1 small onion, finely chopped • 2 cloves of gar­lic, crushed • 2 jalapeño pep­pers, seeded and finely chopped • 60 ml flour • 250 ml beer (I used lager) • 250 ml chicken stock • 1 bay leaf • 7,5 ml cumin seeds, dry-roasted in a pan • 3 sprigs of thyme • salt and black pep­per • 125 ml cream • 125 ml milk • 650 ml grated white ched­dar • 2 big, round loaves of bread or 6 round bread rolls • 4 chives, chopped • 6 strips of ba­con, fried un­til crisp

Here’s how

1 Melt the but­ter in a big pot and sauté the cel­ery, car­rot, onion, gar­lic and jalapeños un­til soft. Add the flour and cook for 2 – 3 min­utes un­til the flour turns brown. 2 Re­move the pot from the heat and add the beer lit­tle by lit­tle. Keep stir­ring to pre­vent lumps from form­ing. When you’ve added all the beer, re­turn the pot to the stove. Add the stock, bay leaf, cumin seeds and thyme. Sea­son the soup to taste with salt and pep­per and sim­mer for 10 min­utes. 3 Re­move the bay leaf and thyme.

Add the cream and milk and blitz with a stick blender un­til the soup is smooth. 4 Heat the soup un­til it’s hot through­out, but don’t let it boil. Add the grated cheese and stir un­til melted. 5 Cut the top off the loaf and hol­low it out to make a bread bowl – make sure the sides aren’t too thin or the soup will seep out. Pour the soup into the bread bowl and serve with chopped chives and pieces of ba­con. Keep the crumb to dip in the soup!

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