The hyena takes the spoils

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Dur­ing a re­cent visit to the Kruger Park, my fam­ily and I came across a young leop­ard with an im­pala kill in a tree south of Satara. A few mo­ments later we no­ticed a hyena at the bot­tom of the tree. The hyena be­gan to whine for the meat. Sud­denly the im­pala started slid­ing down the tree. The leop­ard, not will­ing to lose its kill, grabbed the an­te­lope and ran. The hyena pounced and a scuf­fle en­sued. I took this pho­to­graph just be­fore the fight be­gan. Leop­ard and hyena were both un­harmed, but the hyena was the ul­ti­mate vic­tor. JACK STEYL (15), Fran­schhoek Jack’s sis­ter Zara (13) made a video of the en­counter. Watch it here: – Ed.

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