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Ha­di­das Hoodie

How cool is this? South Africa’s most iconic avian in­hab­i­tant im­mor­talised in a clever spoof. Ev­ery­one needs a hoodie in their travel bag and this one is cer­tain to turn heads from Benoni to Blou­bergstrand. R500 at kome­

Scrubba Wash Bag

Here’s one for the hik­ers: Af­ter a tough day on the trail, the last thing you want to do is rub your hands raw clean­ing your shirt, shorts and socks for the next day. With the pock­et­sized Scrubba, sim­ply pour in some wa­ter and wash­ing liq­uid, close the bag and mas­sage gen­tly – the nod­ules on the in­side do the rest. Bonus: Use it as a dry bag for your cam­era when you have to swim across a river. R750 at out­door­ware­

Zippo Hand Warmer

I first saw this clever con­trap­tion be­ing used in Suther­land. It’s sim­ple but ef­fec­tive: Re­move the burner part, fill it with lighter fluid (12 ml should give you 12 hours of heat), re­place the burner and light it, then close the lid, put it in its cover and voilà! You’ll be amazed how warm it gets. It’s about the size of a cell­phone, and a bit thicker – big enough to warm not just your palms but also those chilly fin­ger­tips. I hope some­one gets the hint and buys me one for next win­ter! R350 at man­; lighter fluid sold sep­a­rately (about R95 for 355 ml)

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