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QHANS LINDE from Dur­banville writes: There’s a weaver that nests in our back­yard ev­ery year. This year he built a dou­ble-storey nest. Is this com­mon?

ABird ex­pert LUKAS NIEMAND says: This is a south­ern masked-weaver build­ing a new nest be­low an empty one. Usu­ally the male will de­stroy the nest af­ter the breed­ing sea­son, but here the male has used the old nest as a foun­da­tion. It looks like he started con­struct­ing the new nest on top of the old one, judg­ing by the green ma­te­ri­als on top, but since the con­nect­ing point is rather thin, he opted to build the new nest un­der­neath be­cause it re­quired less skill. This be­hav­iour isn’t com­mon but has been recorded.

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