Distance: Three trails start at the Olifantsbo­s parking area. This circular trail is a combinatio­n of the Shipwreck and Sirkelsvle­i trails and is about 9,5 km long. You can also do the shorter SS Thomas T Tucker Trail by heading straight to the beach and walking to the wreck along the sand – it’s about 3 km in total.

The Shipwreck Trail carries on along the beach, past the SS Thomas T Tucker and MV Nolloth wrecks to the plateau and back to the parking area (6,5 km in total). The Sirkelsvle­i Trail (7 km) starts at the boom gate just before the turn-off to Olifantsbo­s Beach.

Map? Buy Peter Slingsby’s map of Cape Point (from R107 at slingsby-maps.myshopify.com). It’s packed with informatio­n about the area and indicates place names and landmarks you won’t find anywhere else. And you won’t get lost!

How fit do I need to be? The terrain is mostly level, but there’s a climb up to the plateau. The first 2 km section is along sand.

How to get there? The entrance gate to the reserve is about 12 km south of Simon’s Town, via the M4.

Inside the reserve, follow the signs to Olifantsbo­s Beach.

Water? Bring your own.

Opening times: Daily from 7 am to 5 pm in winter; 6 am to 6 pm in summer.

Cost: Entrance fee for South Africans R80 per adult; R40 per child; free with a Wild card. 021 780 9100 sanparks.org

Sources: capepoint.co.za; Birds of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve by Mike Fraser; Sea Ports and Sea Power: African Maritime Cultural Landscapes by Lynn Harris.

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